30 Printmakers representing Tucson, Albuquerque & El Paso

This is a Southwestern print project headed by Krrrl (Karl Whitaker). This show is a Carpeta, a Latino Print Portfolio of the Desert Triangle, who are a group of printmakers from Tucson, Albuquerque, and El Paso-Ciudad, Juarez-Las Cruces. A third of the prints in this show were produced in Mexico, including locations such as: The Taller 25 Grados in Mexico City, La Cieba Grafica in Xalapa, and the Taller Grafica Libre in Oaxaca. These works have influences in Chicano, Hispanic, and Indegionous art and culture. Pain Sugar Gallery will be hosting the show from June 7th through July 28th. There will also be books of the show's history and collection only available at Urge Palette Art Supplies (located next door to Pain Sugar Gallery. The books are visually stimulating and include information and statements from all 30 artists featured in the show and interactive augmented reality content compatible with smartphones as well.